Artigo Psychedelic Reflections by Lester Grinspoon MD & James B Bakalar JD (1983)


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This unique collection presents essays on psychedelics and their uses by those who have taken the drugs, worked with them, or
observed their effects. Each author recalls and analyzes the significance of the drug experience from his or her own vantage point. Prominent figures, including Timothy Leary, Albert Hofmann, and Charles T. Tart, discuss the widespread popularity such drugs attained in the 1960s, the historical impact of psychedelic culture, and its remaining influences on present-day society. Detailed descriptions of usage patterns, resulting psychiatric problems, and adverse effects are provided, and the personal sociological and philosophical dimensions of mind expansion through drugs are explored. A central theme of this work concerns the influence of psychedelics on users and society in general; the editors assert that the drugs have had more impact than is generally recognized. Many articles examine the creative potentials of mind-manifesting drugs including spiritual and psychological learning; self actualization; mental liberation; therapeutic possibilities, and understandings that can be integrated into everyday life. Problems associated with drug usage are also discussed; there is a special note on adverse effects, This fascinating work is essential for any professional or layperson interested in psychedelic drugs or culture.


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