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Integration topic- How do Foreigns see Brazil?(english topic)


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well just created this topic, at the right place i hope, to ask to the newcomers or every people that live OUT of Brazil, a sinple question:

What´s do you know about brazil?
just to know what people know of our countrie. i hope we get better answers than - rio, carnaval, samba, pelé and Buenos Aires stufff!

well , the others (the brazilian people out there) can tell - What do we know about america that isn´t true ...
this exxtends to any user from this forum.. if there is anything they want to know from local USA people.. well this is the place to ask, i dont think we will get better chances than that!
I don't know as much about modern Brazil. Except of course Carnavale and all that.

I have been doing alot of studies on Ethnobotanical plants. And many of them have been found or studied in Brazil.

I have been doing a bit of reading on the Indian tribes (Waikà) around the Rio Negro. Schultes has a few good books on plants of this area, as well as "One River" by Wade Davis.

And the crap that went on down there, and probably still does, involving the rubber plantations is just crazy. Rubber trees are just that, trees. But to kill thousands of indians over a tree is just crazy.
Well, I dont have a true image about US either. LOL only living there to see whats happening.

When I was youg i had a bader vision about US, but now that im connecting to real good guys like you in Myco my vision is changing, you're not all bad people lol.

I watch TV (i hate it) and I dont have a good ideia about the government there, they like to get things for them, this is the image i have, the image that the TVs show, that Bush can do what he did with Iraq with us to get Amazonia, and other things lol.

But poor brazilian people dosnt care about it, they see US like the eden garden, the evoluted people, the richer and smarter ones, things like that. There is some young people that also see US like a dream, like a better plece to be.

I cant blame them, my country is a very beatifull and rich one, with a lot of potential and a imense culture - im seriuous here, brazil have a mix of all the cultures in world with his onw xuxa - but the government is a shit - lol like avery other one - and the country goes down.

Im curious, i hope this cultural exchange can make our people (mine and yours) get more togheter, working togheter for a comumnal goal.
well i think USA is a nice contry i think the north americans are cool and friendly
but i dont like they government i really have a bad image from BUSh( they are soo Smart Just conquering and fucking the others they should be more humble )
So i think Brazil can be USa in the future because both are so SImilar
both are big country both are Rich , the Population are Mixed
just One diference THe North american Love they Country
but in brazil unfortunately the may population dont have
patriotism for it Maybe in the future we can Kick out this government , and all Son Of bitches who live here in my country
Many people in te US dislike the things that are going on as well. But I try to stay out of politics myself. I just try to live my life like I think it should be.
llamabox disse:
Many people in te US dislike the things that are going on as well. But I try to stay out of polotics myself. I just try to live my life like I think it should be.
same as here.:pos:
as master Raul Seixas sayd..if i want, and you want - totake a bath with hat or wait for santa claus - Everything is all righ, make anything you want because everything is " on law" ...VIVA sociedade alternativa!
Hello folks,
I'm going to share with you my experience in the US. I lived in Maryland State in a city really colse to washington DC, from 2000 to 2002. I pratically saw that fucking air plane crashing at the two towells, on september 11th.
I think there are people and people. There are damm ass holes in brazil and in all over the world and there are also nice guys. In that time I meet people from all over the world (Arabia, Japan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Italia, Mexico and others)and really few native americans. My opinion about them is that they are very close and cold people. It might be, for instance, because they grow up in communities, and dont leave their communities until they can go to a college or get a job.
I also think that most americans (but not all) think that THEY have the power, wich is money in your crazy world, and because of it they can kick every body asses!!! I had the opportunity to visit Jamaica once and I saw americans fucking, and messing up the country. Most Rastas claimed about them. They do there what they cannot do in the US. Smoke ganja, drink bear, fucking the bitches and fucking the place with predatory turism. They take the money so that they do whatever they want.
I wont go to the politics because i think its a shit in all over. it is all about power $$$$$.
However the few american friends i met were nice guys, we had great time smoking good pot and talking shit and traveling around.
As spite the fact I lived in a dam conservative city, where most people are republicans and racist.
thats all.