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American here...Americano aqui


Cogumelo maduro
Hey folks I just thought I would stop in and introduce myself. I am a moderator at another mushroom forum, and we have had a few of your members joining and I thought I would stop be and see what was going on with you folks.

There are a few differences in the way we grow these and I would like to learn more about some of you ways.

Also I am very into different plants. And many of them are South American in origin. So what better place to discuss them. I am constantly collecting Trichocereus cacti (San Pedro), of different types. I grow Psychotria viridis and carthagensis, as well as a couple Mimosa species for Jurema and Ayahausca.
Yopo, Cannabis, Rivea corymbosa and many others.

Well I hope I can learn some new things from this group, and I hope I can help you all in some way.

A couple pics from past grows.

B plus1.jpg cubie.jpg Pan cyan.jpg Trichos.JPG 000_0591.jpg
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hey Llama!
be yourself at home!
be very welcome, and fell free to open threads on your own language, like you guys from mycotopia let me do.
well just to help you with navigation:
biblioteca = libraries(vaults)
diarios de cultivo = Grown log

i hope that helps! be WELCOME and best goode vibe givin :) OOOHHHHMMMM
ah! as you could see we are in a lack of new strains here, so ALL help in this area is very welcome too!